Fumio Matsumoto

Fumio Matsumoto
Architect,   Principal :
Plannet Architectures

Project Professor :
The University Museum, The University of Tokyo

Visiting faculty : Keio University, Kuwasawa Design Scool
Guest instructor: University of British Columbia Tokyo Studio,
    SCI-Arc Tokyo Studio, Washington University in St. Louis Tokyo Studio

Education :
1986   Master of Architecture, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan
1984   Bachelor of Architecture, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan

Professional Experience :
1997-   Plannet Architectures, Tokyo, Japan   (Principal)
   Registered architect in Japan, Registered architectural firm in Tokyo
1986-96   Arata Isozaki & Associates, Tokyo, Japan

Teaching Experience :
2005-   Faculty, The University Museum,
             The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
2004-   Visiting faculty, Keio University, Kanagawa, Japan
2002-   Visiting faculty, Nihon University, Fukushima, Japan
2004-2006   Visiting faculty, Kuwasawa Design School, Tokyo, Japan
2004-2005   Visiting faculty, Washington University in St. Louis
             Tokyo Studio, Tokyo, Japan
2001-2006   Visiting faculty, Hosei University, Tokyo, Japan
1998-2001   Visiting faculty, Tokyo Technical College, Tokyo, Japan
Guest Lecturer : Keio University, The University of Tokyo,
   Tama University, University of British Columbia (Tokyo Studio)

Competitions and Awards :
Los Angeles Movie Awards 2012, Documentary short, Jan. 2012
     Honorable Mention
Intellectural Promnade, The University of Tokyo, May 2007  
     Winning Entry
SIGGRAPH 2004, Los Angels, CA, USA, Aug.2004
2003 Asia Digital Art Awards, Digital Design Category, Sep.2003
     Excellence Award
Okinawa Digital Archive, System Application Design, Jul.2002
     Winning Entry
SIGGRAPH 2002, San Antonio, TX, USA, Jul.2002
Media Arts Festival, Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan, Mar.2002
     Jury's Selection
Graz Biennial on Media + Architecture, Graz, Austria, Nov.2001
     Selected for the Program
Northern Style Housing Complex, Aomori, Japan, Sep. 2001
cast01, Germany, Sep. 2001
School in the Forest, Niigata, Japan, Apr.2001
Information Technology and Architecture, Denmark, Feb.2001
Passenger Ferry Terminal, Sasebo, Japan, Jan. 2001
     (First Stage Works)
Nakasato Village Hall, Gunma, Japan, Dec.2000
     Honorable Mention
Multimedia Grand Prix 2000, Japan, Dec.2000
     Information Design Award (Network Division)
SIGGRAPH 2000, New Orleans, LA, USA, Jul.2000
     Accepted and Presented
ETH World, Zurich, Switzerland, Jun. 2000
Singapore Management University, Jun.2000
Aomori Prefectural Museum of Art, Aomori, Japan, Jan.2000
     Special Mention
Multimedia Grand Prix 1999, Japan, Dec.1999
     Art Award (Network Division)
Graz Biennial on Media + Architecture, Graz, Austria, Nov.1999
     Award of Austrian Architects,   Award of the Audience
TKTS2K, New York, NY, USA, Oct.1999
     Notable Entries
Nikkei Architecture Digital Design Competition, Japan, Sep.1999
     Grand Prix
A House for the Third Millennium, Italy, Jun.1999
Prix Ars Electronica 1999, Linz, Austria, Apr.1999
     Honorary Mention (.net)
ACADIA Competition, Library for the Information Age, WWW, Feb.1999
N-City, Tokyo, Japan, Dec.1998
     Excellent Work Prize
Aomori Grand Art Park, Aomori, Japan, Sep.1998
Architecture Triennale 1998, Nara, Sep.1998
     Third Place
Channahon Village Center, IL, USA, Apr.1998
Future Vision of Kyoto for the 21st Century, Kyoto, Japan, Oct.1997
     Fine Work Prize
Jyvaskyla Music and Arts Center, Jyvaskyla, Finland, Sep.1997
A Style for the Year 2001, Japan Architect, Sep.1984
     Third Ten Prize

Exhibitions and Conferences :
Spot on Schools (Hosei students' exhibition), Florence, Italy, Dec.2005
SIGGRAPH 2002, Los Angeles, CA, USA, Aug.2004
2003 Asia Digital Art Award Exhibition, Fukuoka, Japan, Sep.2003
XIII Biennale of Architecture in Santiago de Chile, Santiago, Chile, Oct.2002
SIGGRAPH 2002, San Antonio, TX, USA, Jul.2002
Graz Biennial on Media + Architecture, Graz, Austria, Nov.2001
cast01, Sankt Augustin, Germany, Sep. 2001
5th International Festival for Architecture in Video, Firenze, Italy, Nov.2000
FILE : Electronic Language International Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Aug.2000
SIGGRAPH 2000, New Orleans, LA, USA, Jul.2000
Architecture Media Player, Traveling exhibition, Italy, Jul.2000-
EMAF : European Media Art Festival 2000, Osnabrueck, Germany, May2000
Graz Biennial on Media + Architecture, Graz, Austria, Nov.1999
Ars Electronica 1999, Linz, Austria, Sep.1999
Design Idea for New York's East River, New York, NY, USA, Nov.1998
Architecture Triennale 1998, Nara, Japan, Oct.1998
Future Vision of Kyoto for the 21st Century, Kyoto, Japan, Mar.1998

Symposiums and Lectures :
Digital Preservation and Regeneration of Geographical Data at University
   Museums, International Cartographers Association, Oct. 2006
Visions of Informatization at University Museums, The Association of
   University Museums, Hokkaido University, Jun. 2006
Present and Future of Museum Technology, The Associations of Japanese
   Geographers,Saitama University, Mar.2006
Study on Museum Spaces, Museum Curator Course,
   The University Museum, The University of Tokyo, Nov.2004
Synthetic Design of Real Space and Digital Space, 7th CSIS Symposium,
   The University of Tokyo, Sep.2004
Architectural Education through Information Design,
   Information Design Commission, Architectural Institute of Japan, Jun.2004
APEC2004 Resource Sharing in Digital Libraries, Taipei, Taiwan, Mar.2004
7th Space-IT Workshop, The University of Tokyo, Dec.2003
Possibilities of Digital Content Industries in Okinawa, Opening Ceremony of
   the Okinawa Digital Archives, Okinawa, Japan, Jun.2003
New Directions of Digital Museums, Chiba Culture Center, Feb.2003
2nd Space-IT Workshop, Digital Cognitive Space, The University of Tokyo,
Regional Culture and Digital Archives, Techno-Arc Shimane, Nov.2001
DBWeb2000, Spatial Media Workshop, Fuji TV Multi Theater, Dec.2000
Graz Biennial on Media + Architecture, Round Table, Graz, Austria, Nov.1999
Houses in Japan, Hachioji Square, Apr.1999

Publications :
■ (written by Fumio Matsumoto)
"A Vision for the Next Generation Museums"
   Ouroboros 10th Anniversary Edition, The University Museum,
   The University of Tokyo, Oct. 2006
"Space + Architecture"
   F.Matsumoto, "Design Language 2.0", A.Wakita and N.Okude (Editor)
   Keio University Press, May.2006
"A Preliminary Study on Address, Gravity and Receiver"
   F.Matsumoto, 10+1 Vol.42   "Grounding", H.Ishikawa and H.Tanaka (Editor)
   INAX Publication, Mar.2006
"GIS for Architectural and Urban Design -For A New Vision of Architecture
   and City-" "Virtual GIS" S.Shinoaki (Editor), Ohmsha, Jun.2005
"Spatial Visualization of Information - A case of spatial visualization of
   the digital archives by analyzing user's access log"
   F.Matsumoto and A.Wakita, 7th Space-IT Workshop, Dec.2003
"Information Visualization with Web3D - Spatial Visualization of Human
  Activity Area and Its Condition"   A. Wakita and F. Matsumoto
  Computer Graphics Vol37, Number3   ACM SIGGRAPH, Aug.2003
"Urban Space Models on the Internet"
   F. Matsumoto, A. Wakita and S. Matsukawa   Cyber City SIG of
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"Kyoto as a Cultural Information Space"   Brand New Kyoto,
   Mitsuhiro Takemura (Editor), Mar.2002
"Spatialization of Information"   An item of the Encyclopedia of Geographical
   Information Science, Asakura Shoten, Apr. 2004
"What is Cyber Architecture? 5"   Shinkenchiku, Jan.2001
"Migration of the Concept of Architecture" NODE, Shinkenchiku, Nov.2000
"What is Cyber Architecture? 1"   Shinkenchiku, Sep.2000
"Information-scape GINGA"   Proceedings of the Virtual Reality Society
   of Japan, Fourth Annual Conference, Sep.1999
"Semiotic Analysis of Architectural Space"   Technical Papers of
   Annual Conference, Architectural Institution of Japan, 1986
■ (written by others about Fumio Matsumoto's work)
"Information Arts : Intersections of Art, Science, and Technology"
   Stephen Wilson, MIT Press, 2002
"Atlas of Cyberspace"   Martin Dodge and Rob Kitchin,
   Pearson Education, 2001
"CYBERARTS 99"   Hannes Leopoldseder and Christine Schopf,
   Springer Wien New York, 1999
"Kyoto Vision-Proposals from the World"   City of Kyoto, 1999

Other Activities :
Collaborating Researcher, Center for Spatial Information Science,
   The University of Tokyo, 2004-
Member, Information Design Commission, AIJ, 2004-
Speaker, Creators' Forum, Creek & River Inc., Apr. 2002
Jury, The 3rd Digital Archive Award, City of Kyoto, Feb.2002
Member, Space IT SIG, GISA, 2002-

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